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This is the official website of the Abyssinian Cat Association - the U.K. association for Abyssinian cats of all colours, and friendly helpful advice.

The primary aim of the Association is to promote interest in the owning, breeding, exhibition and care of all colours of Abyssinian cats. The Association is for pet owners, exhibitors and breeders alike.

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Want to see our constitution? - the latest copy of our constitution can bed found here.

Warning It has come to our notice that pets are being advertised, at very low prices, as pedigree "Abyssinians" and are being offered for breeding purposes. Be very suspicious of these adverts as no reputable registered breeder would advertise breeding cats in this way. If you buy from an unscrupulous breeder or dealer your cat may not be registered, may not even be an Abyssinian, may develop disease and may suffer from hereditary weaknesses which would make it totally unsuitable for breeding.

picture of young Aby on windowsill
A young pet Abyssinian sitting on a window-sill in a rather unladylike pose.
Photo: © M.Shammas